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Research excellence and enjoyment are not possible without the many wonderful people I collaborate with. So, this is probably the most important page on my website.

My postdocs and graduate students are all delightful and very smart people and a pleasure to work with:

  • Golnaz Alipour
  • Zhouyuan Zhu
  • Folake Ogunbanwo
  • Emmet Caulfield, and
  • Alex Lapene (postdoc)

My past Ph.D. students, and their current location. Very proud to have been their (co-)advisor.

  • Melissa Aczon, San Diego, CA
  • Matthew Brown, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Steve Collie,currently on vacation, New Zealand
  • Steve Jachec, Florida
  • Shalini Krishnamurthy, Schlumberger, Boston
  • Morten Kristensen, Schlumberger, Cambridge
  • Brad Mallison, San Ramon, CA
  • Luis Sampaio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Tianhong Chen
  • Qing Chen
  • Jeremy Kozdon
  • Axel Strang

And my past postdocs with the projects they worked on. Invaluable people in any research group.

  • Steve Collie (Stanford-National Geographic Pterosaur Replica Project)
  • Andrew Crook (Stanford Yacht Research)
  • Jim Lambers (Adaptive pressure solvers, upscaling)
  • Henrik Loef (Parallel streamline simulation)
  • Jonas Nilsson (Parallel adaptive pressure solvers)

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